Husbands Cheating on Business Trips

12 October 2018

The husband comes home from work and announces that work is sending him away on a business trip. This is the classic scenario that enables a husband to play up while he is away from his wife and family.

Using a Private Investigator to Find Someone

16 January 2017

Using a private investigator to find someone is the most efficient and cost effective method. Private investigators use the skills and know-how that they learn from their industry experience and training gathered over many years…

Hiring a Private Investigator

21 November 2016

Hiring a Private Investigator can be a difficult decision to make. But hiring a private investigator is sometimes the only way to get the answers to some serious questions such as…

KIIS FM Private Investigator

16 November 2016

As featured on the Kyle & Jacki O Radio Show we recently obtained the details of a listener’s father who she had lost touch with.                  

Need a Private Investigator in Bali

21 April 2016

Whether it’s for a party week away without partners, a bucks’ weekend or a surfing safari, the low cost of travel and accommodation coupled with Bali’s close proximity to Australia is seeing a rise in these sorts of trips. Unfortunately, the trips away usually involve a lot of drinking, partying…

Should I Hire a Private Investigator?

27 March 2016

The decision to hire a private investigator is often a difficult decision to make. A person usually has some suspicions about their partner but doesn’t know how to confirm it. It’s a serious decision and the outcome of the investigation can be life-changing. However with knowledge of the investigation process and what is involved, the decision to hire a private investigator can be made a lot easier…

How Do I Spy on My Husband

27 February 2016

Concerned wives often ask us how do I spy on my husband? There are many ways you can carry out surveillance and spy on your husband with the use of some high tech equipment that is available to the general public. However the challenge is ……..

Cost of a Private Investigator in Sydney

11 January 2016

Cost of a Private Investigator? Answer $75 per hour.

Jailbreaking iPhones

6 December 2015

Quite often we get asked what is jailbreaking. Quite simply it’s unlocking the phone from Apples operating system (iOS). To jailbreak an iPhone is very simple and easy and only takes a couple of minutes. You simply download our recommended software for free from the internet, save the downloaded file to your computer and …..

The Camera Never Lies

24 November 2015

We get many calls by customers who suspect their partner is cheating and ask us how we can help and what is the best solution for them. Quite often we recommend surveillance devices such as our GPS trackers. These are a very good tool when it comes to tracking all their movements and to …..