Cheating with the Personal Trainer

Cheating with the Personal Trainer

Suspect your partner is cheating with their personal trainer?  It happens more often than people think.

We were recently contacted by a gentleman who suspected his wife was cheating with her personal trainer.  This was because she was coming home later than expected from her training sessions and it seemed she hadn’t even worked up a sweat.  He decided to call us and we arranged for surveillance upon his wife for the purpose of finding out just whether or not she was working off those calories with the appropriate exercise.

It turned out that she was not attending the training sessions all of the time and the personal trainer was taking her back to his house for some exercises of the intimate kind.

Our private investigator captured footage of her going into his apartment and reported back to the husband of hat was taking place.  Needless to say he was not too surprised as he already had a suspicion.  With this information the husband was going to confront his wife to see if the relationship was worth salvaging.

This was another successful outcome for the team at Sydney Private Investigations.