2-in-1 Real-Time GPS Tracker – Vehicle Tracking Sydney

GPS Tracking Listening Device
2-in-1 Real-Time GPS Tracker – Vehicle Tracking Sydney

If you’re looking for state of the art real time GPS tracking and surveillance device, this is it. Track in real time the exact position of the device, accurate to within a couple of metres. Yes it’s that accurate. Because of the dual feature design, while tracking you’ll also be able to listen to the devices surroundings.

Up until now, outdated technology only allowed you to track the journey of the device and where it has been… however this unit gives you the exact location, in real time at any time!

The device is waterproof and covered in a magnetic casing to make it durable & easier than ever to attach under any vehicle. The focus of the design is based on resistance and long life. The battery life of the vehicle tracking device has been tested to run for up to 31 days on a single charge.

Once this 2-in-1 GPS tracking unit is in operation, the listening device feature can be voice activated. As soon as a conversation occurs inside the target vehicle, it will notify and allow you to listen in.

One of our best selling products, it too will be one of your most effective investigation tools!


  • Vehicle tracking
  • Personal tracking
  • Asset / container tracking
  • Pet tracking
  • Covert tracking
  • Spouse / partner tracking

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