Cost of a Private Investigator in Sydney

Cost of a Private Investigator in Sydney

Cost of a Private Investigator in Sydney? Answer $80 per hour.

Hiring a Private Investigator in Sydney is more affordable than you think and it is not a luxury for the rich and famous. Sydney Private Investigations offer one of the most affordable solutions for a private investigator to spy on a target person for you.

A typical surveillance job lasts between 3 – 5 hours and with some jobs wrapped up in less than 1 hour. Sometimes the agent can confirm your suspicions by simply following the target person and discovering those secrets they have been hiding in the first attempt. In some cases the cost can be as little as a few hundred dollars. This is a small price to pay for the answers that you need.

Video surveillance also makes the task more efficient these days with hard evidence being obtained at a fraction of the cost. We have expensive investigation equipment that is not generally available to the public which enables the investigation to be carried out quickly.

Most of our agents are based in Sydney.  This makes it possible to commence surveillance within a matter of hours.  This means that we can get you the answers you need as soon as possible.

So How Much Does a Private Investigator Cost in Sydney?

To Hire a Private Investigator in Sydney is now an easy process and it isn’t as expensive as you think. We can give you an estimate over the phone and inform you of our hourly rate and charges which is more affordable than most other surveillance companies in Sydney.

We are quick, efficient and professional.