Listening Device

Listening Device

If you’re looking for listening devices or voice recorders with lifetime support, you’ve come to the right place. 

Sydney Private Investigations offer 2 state of the art products as part of our spy store to help you listening in or recording conversations.

Using listening devices is a discreet way to record a conversation. Whether this information is required for personal reasons, professional or legal reasons our products can help you get the evidence you need.

Making The Right Choice Between Listening In Devices

This really depends on your needs, situation and circumstances.

Are you meeting with your subject and having a one-on-one conversation?

Are you needing a voice recorder or just looking for listening devices without recording?

Are you unaware when a conversation may take place and therefore need GPS capability to follow the devices location as well as recover your equipment after evidence has been recorded?

Depending your answers to the above question you can now make an educated decision in terms of products we offer and different listening devices on the market.

Our recommendation is that if you just need to record a conversation the recording gadget we have available will more than do the job well.

If you require more capabilities than that our GPS system, in our opinion is the best of all listening devices on the market.

We have reviewed many products and are proud of the microphone quality, listening range and prices we are able to offer across our products.

We have operated and conducted many investigations across Sydney, get in touch with us and we’ll be able to give you best advice on all our products and your situation.

For more information and to contact us directly so we can help you make you the best purchase choice.

A small device that allows listening to the surroundings of the device eg. a conversation, meetings, phone calls etc.

Our listening devices:

1) 2-in1 GPS trackers & listening device, it allows listening and has a tested battery life of up to 31 days.

2) Recording devices (eavesdropping devices) is a voice recorder available from our spy store capable of audio recording, voice recording and often used in law enforcement.

Please note: these devices don’t act as hearing aids our sound amplifiers. The purpose of our devices & products is to record conversations. Use of our listening devices should be done under the New South Wales surveillance devices act.

You can buy our listening devices at any of the above outlined links.

It depends on the type of listen device or if you’re simply using a voice recorder. Our voice recorders have up to a 12w meters recording distance while our Vehicle Tracking audio recorder was made for listening to the surroundings of the listen in device.