Phone Tracker Spyware

There’s nothing worse than feeling as though somebody close to you is hiding something. Get to the bottom of the matter using our accurate mobile phone tracker and take advantage of the various tools to investigate your partner. With three different packages to suit any budget, there’s nothing stopping you from uncovering the truth.

Our mobile tracker is our best seller. It is the most powerful investigation tool on the market. It has been designed to track all information on a mobile without being detected. From viewing call logs to real-time tracking of their whereabouts, you can keep a close eye on your partner without being discovered until you have the evidence you need to come forward. If you think you might need the help of one of our experienced private investigators, browse our packages to see how we can help you earn peace of mind once and for all.

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Phone Tracker Spyware


View text messages, emails and phone log

GPS Tracking

Live GPS tracking and all history

Call Listening & Recording

Listen live to phone conversations. Record conversations and also surrounding conversations of a phone when not in use

Multi Media

View all photos, videos and voice recordings

Social Media

View messages on Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Skype Viber, WeChat and Hangouts


View all Apps installed and their activity. See websites visited, contact lists and calendar entries


Monitor SMS

Monitor Phone Numbers

Monitor Emails

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All Basic Features

GPS Tracking

Listen to Phone Calls

Record Phone Surroundings

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All Standard Features

Record Conversations

Monitor Messaging, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, etc

Taken photos from target phone

Monitor Photos and Videos

Monitor Contact List

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Compatible Phones: iphone, Samsung, Nokia, Android, Blackberry

Our Guarantee: Full refund if phone is not compatible